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Vegetable Boxes

Try our produce from Berry Hill Farm and you will discover how vegetables taste when not mass produced, but farmed by traditional methods. You receive your vegetables, on the doorstep, within hours of being harvested, something no other vegetable delivery service can offer. “Freshness and Flavour” is our trademark.
Responding to customer feedback that servings are too large, we are about to introduce the new micro box which will consist of 4 servings and cost £6.50. Our current delivery schedule includes the following points and the surrounding areas:-
Monday                             Tuesday                             Wednesday                                                     Thursday
Ferndown                          Poole                                    Christchurch                                                     Winton
West Moors                       Parkstone                           Southbourne                                                     Charminster
Verwood                             Canford Heath                  Boscombe                                                           Muscliffe                                                                      Westbourne                      Bournemouth town centre                           NW Bournemouth

Select a vegetable box to suit you and we deliver it fresh to your door!

1-2 People - £9.00 (approx 6 servings)

2-4 People - £14.00 (approx 10 servings)

4-6 People - £19.00 (approx 14 servings)

Tel. 07971795740

Tel. 07971795740



If you live somewhere we have not mentioned do not hesitate to ask if we can deliver to you. All the deliveries are made between 5 and 8 pm. If you wish to cancel a delivery we require 8 hours’ notice as we harvest the produce fresh for you. At present we operate cash on delivery payment, but a Direct Debit service is planned.
As a small family business, our ethos is to only deliver boxes of vegetables that we have grown ourselves. For this reason, combined with the nature of our unpredictable British weather we cannot guarantee the contents of your box. However if there are vegetables you do not like, please tell us and we will not include them.
Despite the unseasonal weather last year we grew; potatoes, cauliflower, bunched carrots, cabbage, brussel sprouts, purple spouting broccoli, leek, swede, parsnip, celeriac, runner beans, broad beans, marrow, courgettes, peas in the pod, broccoli, bunched beetroot, sweet corn, a variety of different kales, pumpkins and seasonal salads.
So please do not hesitate to phone, text or @mail us and you can taste our locally grown fresh vegetables.
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